97 Mathoura Road, Toorak Completed


Boasting one of Australia’s most revered and celebrated architects, Carr, 97 Mathoura Road Toorak is a genuine statement of modern elegance. Completed in mid-2019, it features seven large, single-level residences over three levels. It is an exercise in pure precision across architecture, interior design and landscaping, observing craftsmanship of the highest order.

A design classic. Completed.
Below: photographic review performed by renowned photographer Ross Honeysett, July 2019. A celebration light, atmosphere and Carr Design’s extraordinary commitment to design symmetry
Delight in the detail
A photographic review by Tom Ross. July 2019. Fine craftsmanship, material integrity and craftsmanship of the highest order
Construction Progress
Majority of bricklaying complete, using the beautiful bricks handmade in Toledo, Spain. Images by Tom Ross. January 2019.
A sit down with the Carr Design team
Revered architects Sue Carr and Chris McCue discuss the design intent, materiality and global influences that help shape the ideas behind 97 Mathoura.

We visited Signorino to learn more about their process and hand-pick pieces for these residences


Study detail – Tom Kundig door handle – 2017


Study detail book – The Stories behind the Design – 2017

We looked near and far for the perfect brick, visiting various brickmakers around the globe.


A monolithic marketing kit, echoing the beauty and simplicity of Mathoura Road – 2017