Timber Takes a Star Turn

Timber Takes a Star Turn

Often considered a relic from interiors past, timber is rarely the design hero when it comes to modern design – until now. Cast a glance overseas and you’ll notice an increasing trend towards the use of timber to give life to otherwise overlooked corners of the home.

We love that this versatile material does double duty, often serving both a practical and an aesthetic purpose. We’re working with specialists Just Eco Timber, to incorporate their expertly salvaged and restored timber in an upcoming development. Our inspiration for this design element has been sourced from as far afield as Germany, Beirut and Barcelona, where we are seeing timber used to provide interiors with warmth, texture and intrigue.

1 — Wooden Skins in Beirut

This two-story luxury penthouse in Central Beirut is wrapped in a “wooden skin” of vertical wooden boards applied to curved walls. This creates a sculptural design element that also works to conceal a series of rooms and closets. Offsetting the stark white walls throughout the rest of the property, the wood provides warmth and interest in this family home.

2 — A Basin With A Difference

There is a lot to admire about this London apartment by Archiplan Studios, but it was the basin that really caught our eye. Carved from one piece of wood, a series of vertical spaces take the place of a traditional sink. Sitting alongside a firmly modern interior, this basin proves that details matter and a little ‘wow’ goes a long way.

3 — Accent Walls in Germany

Panels upon panels of natural wooden shingles adorn the walls of this immaculate workspace in Germany. Adding texture and interest to what might otherwise be dead space, the use of timber invigorates the interior, inviting guests to engage with their surroundings – who could resist running their fingertips along that wall?

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Images: Studio Archiplan, Architecture Now, ArchDaily