The New Moda

The New Moda

By Brad Moore, Director, Assembly Branding

Globally, cities are rapidly transitioning towards higher density living environments. Think New York, Paris, London, Berlin – happy, harmonious apartment-style communities. The rest of us, Australia included, aren’t far behind.

As brand and communication consultants, we at Assembly do our best work with clients who understand the value and importance of long-term thinking – which is what drew us to Moda. They, along with us, are true believers in the value of apartment living — environmentally, financially and for a way of life.

Moda in recent years have been developing some wonderful projects – High and Spring and Paxton to name a couple. They’re contextually strong – a natural ‘fit’ within their immediate surrounds and enhance the broader neighbourhood in which they’re located. But they also demonstrate great design thinking – beautiful materials, clever internal design elements and new initiatives such as communal wine cellars. This desire – to explore new thinking and initiatives in apartment design – lies at the heart of our role with Moda.

Moda is all about seeking out trends – from individual to international – taking inspiration and influences and applying them to their developments for the benefit of residents. It’s about celebrating new thinking, and the best thinking. It’s a long-term proposition with the aim of building a following of people who appreciate and enjoy celebrating quality design. We work with Moda to select architects, landscape designers and other consultants who share the Moda philosophy, and who are equally enthusiastic in what they do.

At the end of the day, it’s all about creating great spaces for residents to enjoy. Our job is to ensure buyers are well-informed, by celebrating new thinking – the best thinking – across all Moda projects and beyond.

The brand that you see, brought to life on this website, on social media and in our project brochures, embodies these values: A clean, blank canvas for ideas and innovation to shine.

Whether we’re offering an expansive penthouse in Toorak or a 2 bedroom apartment in Hawthorn, our values are communicated with this unique, Moda voice.