Forecasting with Jack Merlo

Forecasting with Jack Merlo

We asked Jack Merlo of the award-winning eponymous landscape architecture studio what he thinks are some key design considerations he is taking into 2017.

Here’s what he said.

“We are having to respond to an increase of population meaning that the conventional suburban back yard is becoming less common,” Jack explained.

“Working with leading architects and other design disciplines, we are creating some exciting outdoor spaces for passive and active recreational use that can cater for smaller private gatherings or larger groups.

Rather than trying to follow and create trends, we prefer to take a restrained approach to design using quality natural materials and planting selections suited to the site conditions to create outdoor spaces that will stand the test of time.”

Hear, hear Jack.

Read more about our work with Jack and our upcoming developments here.

Credit: Jack Merlo
References: The Age