Broken-Plan Heralds a New Era For Interiors

Broken-Plan Heralds a New Era For Interiors

An aversion to walls. A disdain for partitions. An outright contempt for separation of any kind. For decades these were the hallmarks of modern interior design as open-plan reigned. However the proliferation of an “always on” digital culture has lead us to re-examine the suitability of open-plan for modern lifestyles. Whilst a sense of scale and an abundance of light are still essential, the emergence of broken-plan living provides a neat middle ground between the “good rooms” of old and the open-plan living spaces of the past decade.

What is Broken-Plan?

Broken-plan retains the advantages of open-plan, whilst emphasising privacy and specific use spaces. The clever deployment of break-out zones provide space for privacy and relaxation, without completely isolating yourself from your loved ones.

We love the thoughtful inclusion of mezzanines, split levels and mobile furniture to help create subtle divisions within larger spaces.

Introduce Textures

Broken-plan favours interconnected spaces over one large space and uses texture to create distinct areas for cooking, eating, working and relaxing. We’re exploring the use of wider doors, varied ceiling heights, variations in colour and wall-finishes to help to establish the mood of a space.

Let There Be Light

Many of our residents enjoy the comfort and convenience of a home office and broken-plan can assist in providing a mental and physical divide between work and leisure. The installation of an internal window helps to create a quiet, light-filled workspace that remains connected to the rest of the household. Similarly, the introduction of steps between living and office areas can assist in separation, without sacrificing light and space.

We’re looking to explore the broken-plan concept in a brand new project coming mid 2017.

Image: homedit