An Apartment of Perfect Brightness

An Apartment of Perfect Brightness

Studies have shown that natural light has a positive impact on health, mood and perspective – making it not only an aesthetic decision but also an architectural imperative. The aptly named, Apartment of Perfect Brightness in Beijing shows how intelligent lighting systems and clever design can forge pathways between the exterior and interior, creating a haven even in the busiest city.

Smart Lighting

Creating natural light in a city known for its extreme level of air pollution is challenging. Architects Adam Sokol Architecture Practice (ASAP) researched the psychological effect of colours and daylight, leading to the development of a white LED ambient lighting system. Installed along the interior walls, the smart system transitioned between warm and cool white depending on the time of day, season and exterior conditions. Shell-shaped feature walls guide your gaze as you move throughout the space and the use of LED pendants and down-lights for task lighting further compliment this well thought out system.

Leveraging the Curve

The apartment showcases a range of design techniques that make the interior a pleasurable and calming environment. This attention to detail extends beyond the living spaces to the bathrooms. Mosaic tiles cover the uniquely curved surface, giving it a high-end spa sensibility with light delicately reflected from the textured surface.

Rethinking Storage

The owners of this apartment are prolific art collectors and in addition to prioritising light, sought a space that would enable them to showcase their pieces. One hundred and thirty two folding wooden doors reveal bookshelves, headboards and televisions in an innovative interior wall storage system that runs throughout the house. The solution eliminates clutter and achieves a minimalist look ideal for featuring art.

We’ve placed a premium on natural light in our own developments; Paxton will enjoy natural light with floor-to-ceiling in the living spaces and fantastic aspect from the upper floor. The use of technology in this Beijing apartment is certainly an innovative lighting method we could explore in the future.