A Man of Great Taste. A Cellar for Great Tastings.

A Man of Great Taste. A Cellar for Great Tastings.


Ben Portet of the award-winning Dominique Portet Winery in the Yarra Valley, Victoria is of particularly impressive winemaking stock. His dad founded the winery in 2000 and Ben – a tenth generation winemaker – now leads the winemaking team for the young, yet historic estate.

Working both here and abroad, before making the Yarra Valley home for the past ten years, we were delighted to partner with Ben to design and develop a world-class cellar for our High & Spring development.

The Best of Both Worlds

As a winemaker, Ben is innovative and open-minded, driven to embrace new technologies whilst maintaining a healthy respect for traditional methods. We admire his balanced approach and worked closely with him to create a wine cellar for the residents and guests of High & Spring that rivals a professional winery.

Ben provided guidance on all aspects of the design, from the use of top-grade refrigeration systems to the colour of the handcrafted furniture. Opting for neutral, restrained tones throughout the cellar was a key consideration, allowing residents and guests to examine the colour of the wine they are tasting.

A Taste of the Valley at Home

“We wanted to create an elegant, yet accessible cellar where people could relax, entertain and enjoy great wine from the comfort of their own home. From temperature control and light to the type of glassware used, every detail has been considered carefully,” Ben said.

Wine enthusiasts can store their favourite drops at optimal temperature levels within the cellar, ready to be swilled, sniffed and slurped at their prime. For others the cellar simply represents a relaxed yet refined place to unwind with other residents and guests.

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