86 Burke Road, Malvern East Completed


Every home should have balance. With Paxton, we have created stunning, light-filled apartments. As with each project we embark upon, we worked hard to develop a signature element. In this case it’s our stand-out double-gable roof design, which brings both symmetry and balance to these generous apartments and to their neighbourhood.

These residences make the most of natural light — none of it borrowed — with floor-to-ceiling windows and glass curtain walls in the living spaces.

The light floods into each apartment, accentuating the carefully-curated high-end materials and finishes. In the top-floor apartments, Bruce Henderson Architects have designed a remarkable double-gabled roof where windows stretch right to the apex, affording expansive sky views. While selected apartments on the ground floor have access to over 100m2 of private gardens. These are features you’d normally only see in houses.

Further alluding to the architectural forms of neighbouring houses, externally the pitched roof form and chimneys respect the heritage streetscape, and help Paxton relax into its context. Landscape Designers Jack Merlo have also taken cues from the surrounding homes, designing a contemporary entry arbor with climbing plants, and adding established trees and traditional hedges both at ground level and on the second-floor terraces.

Our buyers expect a lot from us, and we always rise to the challenge. At Paxton we’ve delivered on our promise to create homes, not just apartments.

The finished product