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Clique, Malvern



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A core value of the Moda brand is a drive to seek out ways to do things differently, and do it better. It’s a reflection of the commitment to delivering only highly-considered, quality living environments in highly sought after suburbs.

The build-to-rent model is new to Australia. Having seen rapid growth and enormous popularity across the United Kingdom and the United States of America, it’s a ‘revolution’ in renting – putting the tenant front and centre. It’s all about removing hassles, providing greater stability and security, whilst simplifying and heightening the entire rental experience. 

Clique is an initiative of Moda, and it’s very different to the rest. It’s for the more discerning tenant; one who prefers a more boutique setting; larger than average residences, small complexes, located in high-value inner-city areas — a vibrant backdrop that mixes convenience with practicality. The architecturally designed, modern, and minimalistic apartments will showcase a beautiful play of materiality and textures, exuding confidence and substance.

Build-to-rent is a great addition to Moda. It’s a positive evolution of our brand and further increases our level of sophistication as a diversified, responsible developer. 

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1331 High Street, Malvern VIC 3144