Alchemy of Design

The Philosophies of Moda

At Moda, we are not only influenced by trends and design ingenuity from across the globe, we are also influenced by the simple fact that we’re creating real homes, for real people. This understanding informs our design philosophy which we apply to every Moda development and plays out in every Moda residence.

Our design philosophy is in our approach to developments. Our approach to materiality – using not only the best materials from around the world but using them in ways that are beneficial to home living. Our approach to landscapes – they are so much more than green spaces. Our approach to layout and light – one cannot work successfully without each other. Our approach to kitchens – the centre stage where cooking and entertaining play out.

And within this, exists many intracacies and nuances that all come together to form our Alchemy of Design.


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Philosophy 1
Materials of Strength and Beauty

In our developments, we use only the finest quality materials, sourced locally and globally. Our materials a more than an aesthetic feature, they stimulate the senses in touch and feel. We cleverly use these materials in unique and unexpected ways. To give a little wow to every home. To give only the best to every buyer.

Philosophy 2
Beautifully Harmonised Landscapes

We only work with the best and our landscape design teams are all award-wining and highly experienced. They understand not only the importance of selecting plant species with climatic and specific locations in mind, but also how the planting will harmonise with the built form. After all, a harmonised environment results in harmonised living for our residents.

Philosophy 3
Layouts for Light-Filled Living

Our approach to floorplans and design is influenced by living and light. Dual aspects, impressive sightlines, seamless room transitions, floor to ceiling windows – all are considered and unified to ensure extraordinary living in the ordinary day. Our clad-iron rule of including either generous and beautifully landscaped terraces or courtyards in every residence further accentuates our belief in true indoor outdoor living.

Philosophy 4
Spaces to Entertain and Create

The beating heart of the home, we understand kitchens are so much more than places to cook. As a matter of course, all our kitchens follow the ‘golden triangle’ of cooking, with inventive and slim-lined storage, and premium appliances to boot. But more than this, our kitchens are designed as places to be inspired and to entertain. With oversized island benches, outward facing layouts and wine fridges, our kitchens are spaces where our residents can take centre stage in their very own home.