97 Mathoura Road
'The Artistry of Architecture' Completed

97 Mathoura Road




In Mathoura Road we celebrate the achievement of a special project which is very rare indeed. Located in prestigious Toorak, and consisting of only six, single-level luxury residences, this is an exercise in pure precision across architecture, interiors and landscaping, observing craftsmanship of the highest order.

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Interior spaces captured by Ross Honeysett. ©Moda

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1.0_ Design Philosophy
Carr’s Creativity Unleashed


Brilliant homes begin with brilliant design, and 97 Mathoura Road is about the strength of simplicity. Designed by one of Australia’s most influential architects — Carr — it proudly pushes the boundaries in every respect. Inspired by the finest architecture across the globe, it is meticulously crafted to sit comfortably within the local Toorak streetscape.

Working with Carr, we rehearsed how people would move through and inhabit each space, to envision the delightful and deeply affecting environments. From the inside to the outside, it is a compelling mix of rhythms, mass, void, light and shadow, with every aspect framing views to greenery beyond.


2.0_ Material Insight
A Subtle Sophistication


We know simplicity can be the ultimate form of sophistication. But far from being simple, the concept of materiality at Mathoura Road is about embracing the modernist spirit.

Exhaustive research saw materials sourced across the globe, from Europe to United States to Australia, including rare grey oak timber, handmade Spanish bricks, custom metalwork and fine Italian imported stone — another example of the commitment to quality, authenticity and excellence for which Moda is known.

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2.1_ Material Insight
Multi-layered Design Thinking


It’s not just about materials, it’s about what you do with them. The integrity and character of a carefully limited palette of fine materials are embraced and further enhanced by applying new layers of design thinking. Black waxed-finish custom metalwork, blonde oak timber in an Australian-first stacked bond pattern and precision-routed natural stone mimics the exterior form enhance the pleasure of cooking and bathing.

Mathoura material photo essays by Tom Ross ©Moda



2.2_ Material Insight
Hand-made in Spain


You might think bricks are bricks. What many don’t realise is colour and quality varies dramatically given the raw materials available. The desaturated colour palette required the team to look beyond Australian shores for a brickmaker of suitable character, arriving at Las Losas in Spain. These pale, hand-made bricks were ideal for Mathoura’s tactile façade and a great example on the meticulous focus on research we apply to every project.


3.0_ Design Signature
The Tom Kundig Collection


A large metal pivot door marks the entrance to 97 Mathoura Rd, with a beautiful feature handle by American designer Tom Kundig. Left in raw or natural states to evolve over time with exposure to the elements, Tom’s expertise lies in harnessing rugged materials – adding to human touch. Finished in blackened steel, the simple act of arriving and opening the front door at Mathoura becomes a statement in design its own right. And we love it.

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3.1_ Material Insight
Extensive Stone, Every Home


Imported from Italy by renowned importer Signorino, natural stone is on show throughout every home. Long-lasting and highly durable, the carefully selected pieces of stone were the result of meticulous research and close collaboration with the Signorino team. Undoubtedly beautiful in its raw form, the pieces were cut and further refined through techniques such as reverse chamfer edging and precision routed horizontal lines to mirror external brickwork.


3.2_ Design Signature
The Running Magnet


Italian lighting stalwart Flos developed a stunning modular system called The Running Magnet. Perfectly designed to accent, but not overwhelm spaces, the system was recessed into the ceiling to allow for subtle, flexible lighting within each home. Unimposing, yet functional and beautiful.

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4.0_ Buyer Experience
A Good Buyer Experience is a Story Well Told


Across every project, we ensure the highest quality and standard of craftsmanship is executed — in other words, delivering what is promised. At the end of the day, our reputation is our brand. So prior to construction, we inject the same level of pride into our buyer marketing materials, ensuring we effectively demonstrate where value lies and giving buyers important peace-of-mind.

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5.0_ Construction Journey
Beauty in the Detail


Construction might not be everyone’s passion, but it’s certainly one of ours. The more you look, the more you see — it’s a chance for our project managers and development managers to get up close, get their hands a little dirty and watch their hard work become a reality.


Construction photo essay, 13 months. By Tom Ross. ©Moda


6.0_ Project Details
Completed 2019
Developed by Moda
Architecture and Interiors by Carr
Project Management by Pax PM
Built by Flux
Branding and Marketing Materials by Assembly


97 Mathoura Road, Toorak VIC 3142