21 Riversdale Road
'Form meets Function' Completed

21 Riversdale Road




We believe in the power of great buildings to enhance the character of a street. At Riversdale Road we’ve created a delicately balanced architectural statement — one that respects the heritage and craftsmanship displayed by its traditional Hawthorn neighbours, but is also unashamedly modern. It marries thoughtful materials with smart design thinking.



1.0_ Design Philosophy
Form Meets Function


Light is central to the design concept of Riversdale Road. A single central-spine corridor is bathed in light via a full height window through the first and second storeys, while a void allows for natural airflow into the lobby and corridors.

In the larger apartments, generous terraces and balconies blur the threshold between inside and out. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass windows have been installed, which slide back onto each other in a ‘stacked’ formation, helping airflow and making those apartments feel even larger.



2.0_ Design Philosophy
Off-form Concrete, Superior in Every Way


A striking feature of 21 Riversdale Road is the ‘off-form’ concrete of the exterior architecture. Because it’s an on-site process, using timber formwork, you can see the simple character of each board in the final product. This construction might be more complex and time-consuming than other concrete methods, but the use of superior ‘off-form’ concrete demonstrates our commitment to quality and is one of the details that sets a Moda development apart.



3.0_ Material Insight
Raw yet Refined


Raw yet refined – the ideal way to describe Riversdale Road. Choices of concrete and reclaimed timber are more than just beautiful materials. They’ve been chosen for their robustness, and for the ways they improve and patinate as they age. Recycled timber soffits from Just Eco Timber, and the vertical timber battens of their balustrades will silver over time, echoing the mature trees of the streetscape and further settling the building into its surroundings.


Just Eco photo essay by Tom Ross ©Moda


3.1_ Material Insight
Timeless to Transcend Fashion


High-end slimline finishes, detailing and signature lighting pieces ensure these common spaces are far from utilitarian. From Signorino marble benchtops and oak flooring, to custom-designed wardrobe cabinetry and locally designed lights. These are timeless materials that transcend fashion, and are a small insight to our greater commitment to quality, integrity and leaving a positive legacy.


4.0_ Design Signature
Alex Earl Linear Pendant


On all of our projects we collaborate with the best in the industry. Through a meticulous research process, Melbourne lighting maker Alex Earl was selected for his passion, precision and inventive design skills. His lighting design is defined by natural materials combined with top range LEDs, and all lights are individually hand-made. Hovering delicately above the kitchen benches, his slender Ermet linear pendant light is his new signature piece and is now proudly part of the Riversdale Road story.

You can read more about our collaborators here.


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Alex Earl photo essay by Tom Ross ©Moda


5.0_ Buyer Experience
A Good Buyer Experience is a Story Well Told


Across every project, we ensure the highest quality and standard of craftsmanship is executed — in other words, delivering what is promised. At the end of the day, our reputation is our brand. So prior to construction, we inject the same level of pride into our buyer marketing materials, ensuring we effectively demonstrate where value lies and giving buyers important peace-of-mind.



6.0_ Construction Journey
Beauty in the Detail


Construction might not be everyone’s passion, but it’s certainly one of ours. The more you look, the more you see — it’s a chance for our project managers and development managers to get up close, get their hands a little dirty and watch their hard work become a reality.


Construction photo essay, 8 months. By Tom Ross. ©Moda


7.0_ Project Details
Completed 2019
Developed by Moda
Architecture and Interiors by Ewert Leaf
Project Management by Pax PM
Built by Cobild
Branding and Marketing by Assembly


21 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122