1271 High Street
'Reserve' Completed

1271 High Street




High and Spring, Malvern

Winner of the Melbourne Design Award, 1271 High Street Malvern is a fine example of Moda’s commitment to authenticity and originality across design, construction and materiality.



1.0_ Design Philosophy
Echo The Park Beyond


Inspired by the adjacent Malvern Reserve, beautiful yet honest materials define the tactile experience throughout. Use of hand-selected reclaimed timbers, extensive off-form concrete and signature copper detailing are amongst the many initiatives that strike the delicate balance between robust and refined. It’s a demonstration of the commitment to authenticity and originality that lies at the heart of what we do. Further blurring the lines between outside and in, generous cantilevered balconies give the sensation of ‘floating’ towards the park while doing justice to the spectacular views afforded by this premium location.



1.1_ Design Philosophy
The Alchemy of Design


More than just finishes and appliances, what elevates a project beyond ‘the ordinary’ is far more complex. Attention to detail, materials, textures and genuinely good thinking can make the difference. And, of course, the intangible – we call it the ‘alchemy of design’ – the way in which highly considered elements work together in harmony to create a unique sense of character and appeal. It’s that little touch of magic that’s hard to put into words.



1.2_ Design Philosophy
Beyond the Ordinary


And not just materials and craftsmanship — we extend ourselves and the commitment to our buyers whenever an opportunity presents itself. Wanting to develop ways in which we enhance the lifestyles of our buyers. In this case, it’s more akin to ‘home style’ – exploring ways in which a signature wine cellar and tasting room that rivals the professionals, allows residents to securely store their wine collections in top-grade refrigeration systems. Whilst the community tasting area gives residents the opportunity to sit and chat a while over a glass of their favourite vintage.



2.0_ Design Signature
Just Eco Sustainable Timber


Echoing Malvern Reserve, heavy timber invited a sense of warmth and calm to the residential experience. And no ordinary timber – we collaborated with Australia’s leading supplier of recycled and sustainable timber, Just Eco. Often salvaged from old bridges, their recycled timber products are reworked and refined for use, reducing carbon emission through continued carbon storage and reducing dependence on forests.


Just Eco photo essay by Tom Ross ©Moda


3.0_ Construction Journey
Beauty in the Detail


Construction might not be everyone’s passion, but it’s certainly one of ours. The more you look, the more you see — it’s a chance for our project managers and development managers to get up close, get their hands a little dirty and watch their hard work become a reality.


Construction photo essay, 7 months. By Tom Ross. ©Moda


5.0_ Project Details
Completed 2016
Developed by Moda
Architecture and Interiors by Ewert Leaf
Built by H.Troon


1271 High Street, Malvern East VIC 3144